Have You Been A Stage 5 Clinger?

Made well-known because of the flick Wedding Crashers, a level 5 clinger is “an associate from the opposite gender that’s prone to become extremely affixed, excessively quickly. Virgins, those throughout the rebound, in addition to emotionally sensitive may have this term used on them.”

Sounds gorgeous, right? Wrong.

So how do you determine if you’re a phase 5 clinger?

You’re a cyber stalker-do you are constantly refreshing their facebook or twitter pages?  Do you really consider all their pals images to get jealous over things uploaded on their wall space? Can you arrive to your places they examined into on Foursquare?  If yes…congratulations..you could be a stalker.  Step off the online, get some outdoors and stop becoming a creep!

You’re attached with your own phone-if you find yourself striking redial for hours upon hrs  or calling them from clogged figures so they can’t monitor your call, you’re a clinger.  If you find yourself consistently checking to see if they will have contacted you, and become so obsessed with reading from their store you can not work, you’re positively a clinger.  Remember-if someone wants to speak to you, they will certainly. And nobody wants to speak to a psycho.

You are an overall shame trip-if you try to guilt somebody into spending some time with you, or take stunts so that they will feel obligated to-be an integral part of your life, you’re pushing these to be there-and that is in the long run not really what you need.   Avoid being a drama queen…you should never need to guilt anyone into being along with you.

You embellish about our union, or diminished one-do you tell men and women you’re matchmaking some one, while in truth he’s never talked a term to you?  Pretending anything is over it isn’t only allows you to seem very shady, but it is quite delusional and doesn’t do you any good in the end.  Plus, you’re blowing the possibility right away if the guy discovers you have been spreading tales.  Permit circumstances develop-you can not force anything, regardless of what badly you should.